Retirement Plans

We understand that retirement plan sponsors and retirement plan committees need reliable expertise that minimizes risks, capitalizes on opportunities, and eliminates administrative headaches. We deliver custom strategies to help employers manage their fiduciary duty so employees can make the most of their retirement plans.

We offer the following services:

We provide risk management services. Our formal process reviews both quantitative and qualitative criteria so we can make recommendations to assist with the initial selection and replacement of plan investments. Then, based on available investments, participant behavior, and Department of Labor comments, we make recommendations to assist with the selection of the Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA). We periodically review the selected QDIA and provide recommendations if the investment or glide path changes.

Performing a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI) can help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibility. Our process leverages an industry-leading web-based technology tool to help provide structure and expedite the process based on industry-specific drivers of plan sponsor buying decisions such as: cost/fees, the administrative support structure, testing support, participant education/support, and legal/regulatory risk management.

Costs, fees in general, are obviously the main driver in the benchmarking process, but the value behind those fees is truly just as important. Our benchmarking process begins with creating an overview of the services being provided by the record keeper, using not only the core services they provide but any additional value-added services.  We then review the utilization of the services and the value these services provide to participants.
We work closely with plan sponsors to implement best practices for retirement committee meetings.  Our process provides updates on legislative changes/plan related issues and fiduciary training for current and new committee members.
To support participant education initiatives, we have developed a financial wellness program called JumpStart. This educational content can be delivered to employees via one-on-one meetings and or group seminars. We also typically work to complement, not replicate, the content that is being provided by the record keeper.
Our approach to consulting differs from some. We don’t just send a report saying what needs to be done. We roll up our sleeves and get to work on the implementation. We try to take the heavy lifting off the backs of the HR team, and work (directly if asked) with service providers and legal counsel to provide a concierge-level service.